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National Operator Training Licensing Scheme

  • Construction Site
  • Event Security & Crowd Control
  • Static Manned Security Guards
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The National Operator Training Licensing Scheme maintains a nationwide database of qualified professionals disciplined in the operation of Material Handling Equipment and Construction Plant Machinery. To be considered for inclusion onto the register, you must first successfully complete an appropriate training course and be approved by your instructor as a competent machine operator. Successful applicants must meet all relevant regulations laid down by the Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 - Approved Code of Practice. Only under these regulations and that of an accredited instructor can operators be registered with NOTLS.

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NOTLS do not endorse or promote any individual course, nor do we recommend any training providers. Instead we inform you of the locations of your nearest qualified instructors and they will provide you with all the information that you require. As a company we strongly promote fairness within the industry and we also feel this process gives the customer a far greater choice when making their final decision.

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As with most registration schemes, when it comes to applying for work, having proof that you have been professional trained is of upmost importance for employers. Knowing that you are fully trained to use the machine for which you are applying gives you the edge over other potential applicants. That said, we understand that some companies may have a particular criteria that must be met before employing workers.